Adam Fodor

Conocedor de Tequila

Based in: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Occupation: Owner of Tequila Academy PDC, Founder of ITA

Specialization: tequila tastings, tequila education, tequila consultancy


Adam grew up in Hungary in a family of teachers – representing the fourth generation in the family – with over 10 years of experience in adult education. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics and started his refinement for spirits at Diageo. He spent 4 years living in England where he was inspired by Steve Hovington’s wine tastings to start a new career. He currently lives in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where he is conducting his special quirky tequila tastings.  He is the founder of the International Tequila Academy, an evangelist of tequila education and local, independent, quality tequilas. During his career in tequila he has hosted over 500 educational tasting events for over 2000 guests.

Non-tequila related hobbies: chess, playing guitar/singing/drumming

Tequila Distilleries Visited – 20

Tequila/Spirits qualifications