About Us

The International Tequila Academy are a team of passionate, enthusiastic educators with the mission to provide quality tequila education accessible worldwide. The Founders Adam and Andi have done several hundreds of tasting events educating over 2000 people in Playa Del Carmen, México – joined their forces with Akiyoshi Maeta who is based in Japan having organized over a hundred special “Tequila Dojo” events sharing his passion with hundreds of people. Our team works with novice drinkers and aficionados alike and so we created a specialized and systematic education system tailored to the specific needs of the industry. We strive to educate and inform consumers and professionals alike and promote excellence both in professional service and tequila quality.

Leadership Team

Adam Fodor

Founder & PResident

Andrea Fodor

Founder & president

Akiyoshi Maeta

Vice President - Japan director & strategy mastermind


Without the educational contributions from some of the most amazing independent tequila producers in the world, we would not have been able to create such a factual, high quality course content. A huge thanks to them for their support!

Cesar Vivanco

Producer - Viva Mexico

Chava Rosales

producer - Cascahuín

Sophie Decobecq

producer - calle 23

Sergio Mendoza

producer - don fulano

Carlos Camarena

Producer - Tapatío

Guillermo Sauza

producer - Fortaleza

Felipe Caramena

producer - G4