Andi Fodor

Andi Fodor Director Based in: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico  Works for: Andi Fodor Pet Photography(owner), Tequila Academy PDC(design, photography) Specialization: photography, design Biography Andi Non-tequila related hobbies: Tequila Distilleries Visited – 16 1102 1109 1120 1123 1124 1137 1139 1146 1414 1416 1433 1438 1480 1493 1579 1584 Tequila/Spirits qualifications Media La Capilla Calandra Trip […]

Adam Fodor

Adam Fodor Conocedor de Tequila Based in: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Occupation: Owner of Tequila Academy PDC, Founder of ITA Specialization: tequila tastings, tequila education, tequila consultancy Biography Adam grew up in Hungary in a family of teachers – representing the fourth generation in the family – with over 10 years of experience in adult […]