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Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant

★★★ ITA Award Establishment

Last assessed on 25th of February, 2021


Since 1965, Tommy’s has been serving San Francisco with authentic Mexican and Yucatecan cuisine. Tommy’s Philosophy about our selection: We do not play the ridiculous game of carrying every single 100% agave tequila out there. As connoisseurs know, some of Mexico’s 136 distilleries (2008) contract so many tequilas that Tommy’s will not carry 50 products from a distillery. In this case we try to carry the brand owned by the distillery owners and possibly one more. We ideally want as much of the Tequila industry represented on our list and try to carry at least one product from everyone who exports to California. Tommy’s carries the best selection of Tequila on Earth.


The bar has a huge selection of tequilas including several authentic tequila brands. You can check our recommendation list below or you may ask staff for more details.

Julio Bermejo – the owner of Tommy’s Mexican is probably the most influential tequila oriented bartender in the world. He invented the famous Tommy’s Margarita cocktail used by other bartenders worldwide and is an avid supporter of authentic tequila, a “living legend” in the industry.

At Tommy’s, you can join their “Blue Agave Club”. It is a fun way to engage customers to taste more and more tequila to develop their palate and at certain milestones (35, 70 samples etc.) they receive a certificate of their achievement (Tequila Master, Ph. D. etc.)

3 out of 3 stars – outstanding attention to tequila


5929 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121

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List of Authentic Tequilas served here, recommended by us to try: